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It is about creating a website that deals with the coins of different kinds for those who love to get coins and have their desire to explore their passion for it. The main purpose of this website is to enrich that niche audience about finding different varieties of coins in the world.
Collecting coins is the pleasure that is in existence for a long time and an arduous one. It has been a delightful way for a extended time because usually old coins are made up of “platinum and gold”. And Coin collection is one of my favorite hobbies. Through this website I am going to present a basic platform for the closed group of people about the rare coins, Vintage coins and will display all the coins which are collected by the few people all over world. And people will have the interest to collect the coins of their own country and some might have the interest to collect foreign coins and some prefer gold and some silver depending on the person. We have to show the coins which are in “mint condition”, i.e. it tells the correctness of the coin can be seen in Sheldon scale. By this we can give them the chance to comment their views and their notions about the topic, can tell us how I can develop this site in an effective way, providing feedback on the particular thing, Can create the auctions , Can keep a weekly or a monthly “Coin fair” for the effortless availability of prestigious coins. Can rate the site by saying how helpful it was to them.
I would reiterate that through this website we can create a minimum platform for the people to get all the information about coins and their desire for achieving them in a trouble-free way.

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